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Clas på hörnet, located on the corner of Surbrunnsgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan in Vasastan, is one of Stockholm's oldest and most iconic taverns, with a history dating back to 1731. The timeless name 'Clas på hörnet' has been preserved across centuries.

The property has been a gathering place for people from all walks of life; artists like the Bellman, writers, politicians, everyday Stockholmers and even royals. It even was a ballroom in the 18th century. Its long history makes Clas på hörnet a living record of the city's past. 


Adjacent to our hotel is the Monica Zetterlund Park, a tribute to Sweden's iconic jazz singer who lived on Sveavägen, a couple streets down the road. This green space honours her lasting impact on Swedish music, connecting the past and the present, carrying her legacy forward. Discover the charm of this park, right at our doorstep.In the 1980s, the park was called Clas på hörnet, named after our historic inn next door. After Monica's death in 2005, the park took her name. Her music can be heard playing in the park in the summertime, and her side profile can be spotted in the park's lighting fixture after sunset. Enjoy Clas på hörnet's jazzy vibes during your stay. 

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